Shark'Aventures listens to teachers

Because sporting and cultural activities are strong moments in a child's life because they are essential components of educational action; Shark'Aventures offers you in collaboration with the teachers:

- Discovery Classes:
Shark'Aventures offers its sporting and cultural stays.

- Day trips:
Shark'Aventures offers themed school outings for the day.

- Sports cycles:
Shark'Aventures offers you sports cycles within your establishment or outside. Over a period and a frequency to be defined with the teachers.

- Mini cycles:
Shark'Aventures offers short sports cycles.

- Extracurricular activities:
according to your request Shark'Aventures organizes extracurricular activities.


With its experience in organizing stays, the Shark'Aventures team offers you sports and cultural activities adapted to your educational and pedagogical projects.

The stays, the sports cycles (or multisports), the discovery days… are planned and organized by us according to your request.

Several themes are possible.
These offers are a starting point for any project. They are flexible in terms of duration and content according to the choice of teachers and students.

We provide support to teachers in the development of their project.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can establish your project together according to the chosen theme and your budget.

We can provide you with:

- Accommodation in establishments approved by the DDJS and the academic inspectorate,

- Catering: full board, half board, free management, picnic ...

- Supervision:
Specialized sports educators with a state diploma for sports activities (academic inspection approval),
BAFA qualified animators,

- The organization of visits,

- The organization of transport and travel.

- CUSTOMIZED projects Download our brochure.

- Ask or Download our documentation and slide show.

- Download and print our document brochure for teachers.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us